How to Stay Calm in Difficult Situations ft. Megan Hamilton
March 17, 2022

How to Stay Calm in Difficult Situations ft. Megan Hamilton

“It's important you bring up such a good point, it's important to understand where that fear is really deriving from, and is it a fear of being judged? Is it a fear of not being liked? Is it a fear of coming across a certain way, and really identifying that, I think, is this key to moving forward not just for reals, but for anything that an entrepreneur wants to do? Because nothing's more triggering than running your own business, because you have to deal with the emotions of not only yourself on a daily basis, but also your whole team and your clients and what, whoever you're serving as well.” - Kristi Soomer

Staying calm is being in control of the situation no matter how difficult it might be. When you are less affected by the external conditions, you could significantly change your lifestyle,  relationships, jobs, and even your business!

Megan Hamilton is a speaking, visibility, and confidence coach for women and nonbinary people. She used her classical theatre training and 25+ years of performance to build a step-by-step speaking system that not only allows you to deliver incredible speeches but also provides you with a framework to have difficult conversations, build your confidence and increase your visibility.

She uses shadow work to help you tune in to your intuition and discover the root of what contributes to fear. She's the host of Ubu pod and can be found online at

She's also a musician, has recorded 5 albums of original music, and has toured across Canada from Newfoundland to BC, as well as into the US.

[00:01] Opening Segment

  • How staying calm could keep you in control of all aspects of your life including your business
  • Join me on my free email marketing masterclass. (Link below).
  • Introducing Megan to the show


[12:35] Shadow work explained

  • Look at the dark places in you. Behaviors that you don’t like or embarrassed about, or even traumas
  • Use Megan’s guide questions to dig deep and figure out where these are coming from


[15:43] Thriving Visibility Technique

  • Developed specifically for business owners
  • Explores how to be comfortable making a reel as a tool for advertising and brand visibility
    • Start with standing using the principles of the Alexander Technique to carry your body
    • Breathing to stay calm
    • Speaking to find your resonant voice
    • Reading using text mapping


[18:50] How People Can Show Up Confidently on Social Media

  • Start with shadow work and identify where the fear is coming from
    • Is it a fear of being judged?
    • Is it a fear of not being liked?
    • Is it a fear of coming across a certain way
    • What’s the most important thing: Is it worrying about what your friends and family are going to think? Or is it being a more visible, strong, and confident figurehead of your company?

[26:30] Practice controlled breathing to signal your brain that you are not in danger

  • Set aside 5 minutes before you’re supposed to go on and practice controlled breathing

[33:25] Closing Segment

  • What is Megan working on and what’s next for her and her brand
  • Hotseat questions
  • Check the links below for the resources mentioned!

Key Quotes

“The behaviors that you find the most irritating, and other people are generally the behaviors that you have yourself.” - Megan Hamilton

“Anytime something feels like unachievable or scary, it's probably something I should do.” - Kristi Soomer


Resources Mentioned: 


The Alchemist

The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment


The Witch Wave with Pam Grossman

Joyful Marketing - Simone Grace Seol

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