Are you a founder who's ready to scale their online store but lack the how?

Are you a founder who's ready to scale their online store but lack the how?

If you've got an eCommerce product based business with an active store, and are generating more than $5k a month in revenue, then the Conscious Commerce Collective may be a fit for you.

This program is for you if:

  • You're a passionate and purpose driven entrepreneur.
  • You're tired of doing it alone and feel isolated in entrepreneurship.
  • You're part-time hustling or full-time in your brand but struggling to pay yourself what you deserve.
  • You're working a lot and doing ALL the things.
  • You desire to have consistent revenue, be able to scale and hire people.
  • You're struggling to figure out how to focus your efforts, and what to do next to get your revenue growing, faster and more predictably.
  • You're ready to invest to figure out the way to grow your online store in a way that feels good, sustainable and manageable. 
What's Included Monthly:

What's Included Monthly:

  • Two new monthly eCommerce Business Strategy masterclasses, which are pre-recorded trainings educating on a variety of topics. Topics we will include: 90-day goal setting, brand / ideal customer work, channel analysis, how to build a marketing plan, systems/people/processes, email marketing, paid social ads deep dive, Black Friday/Holiday planning and 2024 planning.
  • Two monthly checklists/cheatsheets, swipe files or templates you can download related to the masterclasses.
  • Bi-Weekly 75-minute group coaching / Q+A calls where we'll deep dive into the masterclass content, digging into your specific brand's questions and address any ad-hoc eCommerce questions time permitting.
  • One 60-minute group mastermind call where 2-3 members will get into the 'hot seat' with a business challenge which we'll all collectively solve.
  • Exclusive course content area hosted on and viewable on desktop or mobile. This will be accessible for as long as you're a paying member of the Conscious Commerce Collective.
  • Weekly email updates on the program and new content
3-Month Group Coaching package:

3-Month Group Coaching package:

My private coaching is $1497 USD a month. I realize that's not accessible to everyone, and am proud to present this option as a way to work together as a group to achieve your eCommerce goals at an affordable rate.

For this exclusive program, you'll pay only $297USD a month.

We offer monthly payment options to make managing cash flow easy.

Benefits of Group Coaching

Benefits of Group Coaching

  • Increased traffic, revenue and profitability
  • Improved website conversion rate and a better customer experience
  • A stronger brand identity
  • A sense of community and support
  • Ideas for effective marketing and ad campaigns that drive results
  • Streamlined operations that have you working less and living more
  • Tips on optimizing your finances for growth