The #1 Predictor of Growth in your eCommerce Store
May 23, 2023

The #1 Predictor of Growth in your eCommerce Store

Welcome back to the eCommerce Maven Podcast! What does your New Customer Acquisition percentage look like? In this episode, I go through the nuts and bolts of new customer acquisition, repeat rate, why the new customer percentage metric really matters, and some tips on how to track and some make it better.

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New Customer Rate

  • What is a returning customer rate and why is it an important metric to monitor
  • New customer rate VS returning customer rate
  • How to pull data from Shopify The decline of repeat customers in Q1 industry-wide and why it impacts new customer rate
  • How often to monitor your new customer metric

New Customer Acquisition

  • Leading metrics VS lagging metrics
  • How to find your ideal new customer metric
  • How to build new ideas to bring new customers to your brand

I hope you got value out of this episode and I encourage you to start applying what you learned today!

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