eCommerce Ad Mastery: Tackling 8 Facebook Campaign Challenges
March 23, 2023

eCommerce Ad Mastery: Tackling 8 Facebook Campaign Challenges

Welcome back to The eCommerce Maven Podcast, where we provide actionable tips and strategies for eCommerce businesses. In this episode, I dive into eCommerce Ad Mastery and we tackle 8 common Facebook campaign challenges.

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  • Why mastering facebook and instagram ads matters
  • Staying current with meta advertising trends
  • The importance of testing

Pixel Setup - Events manager:

  • Proper pixel setup is critical and should prioritize tracking add to cart, initiate purchase, and website views
  • How failing to set up your pixel correctly could result in misrepresented data and wasted budget
  • Get familiar with the Facebook Business Manager platform and use resources like YouTube and Facebook's own resources to learn how to optimize your paid ads
  • Setting up pixel even if you're not running paid ads right now (it will collect data for you to use later!)

Targeting - Broad, LLL, ASC+:

  • Cutting through the misinformation about who to target by considering top, middle, and bottom of funnel campaigns
  • Test to see what targeting works specifically for your brand
  • Follow media buyers and creative strategists on Twitter for helpful info and updates
  • Utilizing lookalike audiences 

Not having a focus with product ad strategy:

  • Why having a strategy behind your ads is crucial
  • Decide your focus, i.e. testing general ads v.s. focusing on a few core products that speak to your brand
  • Make sure the product you choose to focus on is profitable for advertising and consider customer lifetime value

Poor Ad Creative and Copy:

  • Is ad creative more important than copy?
  • The value of testing different types of creative
  • Get creative on a low-risk budget by shooting UGC yourself, or hiring on platforms like Fiverr or Billo 

Not Adapting for Different Placements:

  • Adapt your creatives for different placements/optimize placement to see more conversions

Not Enough Testing of Ad Creative Types:

  • How long you should be testing your ads for
  • Test the same ad on different audiences or different ads on the same audience
  • How much of your daily spend should be allocated to testing

Failing to Monitor Budgets/Analytics:

  • Use UTMs in your ads to track performance and customer acquisition
  • Be acutely aware of budget, spending, and goals
  • Monitor your ads frequently and track relevant metrics

Creating a Bad Landing Experience:

  • Keep your conversion objective in mind when setting up landing pages 
  • Don't waste money on boosting organic social posts 
  • Consider creating specific landing pages for eCommerce using resources like PageFly, Replo, or other Shopify integrations


That’s it for this episode! Hope you found these tips helpful whether you’re actively running ads right now or are planning to do so in the future. 




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