What Works in 2022 for Influencer Marketing in Ecommerce
March 31, 2022

What Works in 2022 for Influencer Marketing in Ecommerce

With the rise of social media, influencer marketing comes as a big player in how you could reach your target market and promote your product. Gone are the days when influencers are limited only to celebrities and a few dedicated bloggers.

It may sound simple but it takes a lot of research, planning, and restrategizing to use influencer marketing for your business. In today’s episode, we will deep-dive on what influencer marketing is, how it could help your business and the practical tips on how you could create a strategy. 

[00:01] Opening Segment

  • Update: I’ve switched from Mailchimp to Flodesk 

[03:36]   Develop the right strategy for your business

  • Social Media Influencer defined
  • The influencer marketing strategy that works
  • Determining your ideal customers
  • Establishing the best influencer marketing partnership
  • How you could save money, time and effort through proper research
  • Why It’s not always about the size of followers
  • Build a strategy that aligns with your goals

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