What to Consider if You’re Reopening Your Business
May 07, 2020

What to Consider if You’re Reopening Your Business

Across North America, certain states and provinces are lifting regulations when it comes to the lockdown. For some, this means that they are able to reopen their businesses and continue their operations. While this may be positive news for some entrepreneurs, there is a lot to consider to ensure that you are protecting your team’s health, and that you are prepared for any changes that may have occurred to your business.

In my discussions with other female founders, we’ve all agreed that there will be major changes to the way we run our businesses moving forward. Whether it’s changes in customer needs or increased competition in the ecommerce space, Covid-19 has touched many different parts of our businesses. So how can you respond to these changes and adapt to the “new normal”?

On this week’s episode, I’m sharing different areas of your business you should be considering while you make plans to reopen. From pricing to supply chain to your content creation strategy, there’s a lot you may need to adjust in the upcoming months.

It may be an uncertain time but thinking about these considerations will help you be prepared to operate a strong business for your customers and your employees.


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  • How can you create content (i.e. photoshoots) while keeping your team and models safe?
  • What alternatives should you be considering in your supply chain?
  • Are your price points and product mix optimized for your ideal customers?
  • How can you adjust your brick-and-mortar or pop-up shop strategy?


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