The State of Marketing (and my businesses!)
May 13, 2021

The State of Marketing (and my businesses!)

As the CEO of two eCommerce businesses, I love hearing what other CEOs are thinking, getting to pick their brains or learning about new strategies they’re utilizing. Today’s episode is all about what’s going on with me in marketing and eCommerce.

[02:31] A Catch Up With Me 

  • Some honest thoughts on Brave and Boss throughout 2020 and where we are at
  • The difficulties of running 2 companies during the pandemic
  • The glorification of entrepreneurship and unhealthy hustle culture

[09:53] What I’m Thinking About Differently for Encircled

  • My commitment to hiring more senior positions in Encircled to avoid burnout
  • Make sure you’re using your time effectively by doing things only you can do

[13:33] Facebook Ads  

  • You can still win with Facebook ads
  • Diversify your marketing efforts and channels

[15:33] The Return To Normal  

  • Hard to get people back into the office
  • H&M loungewear (be cognizant of the demand in the marke and is your category over saturated)

[21:10] Setting Up Goals for Success  

  • Join my Free Facebook group to access the quickbooks conference (link below)
  • Especially with the past year, it’s completely normal to be way off track with the business goals you’ve set up for yourself
  • Look at your goals continually and reforecast
  • Brave and Boss goal marketing calculator and 90-Day Digital Marketing Plan (link below)

[24:05] Selfcare  

  • I talk about my previous issue with sleeping and healthy boundaries I’m setting
  • What does selfcare look like for you and how can you manage your stress?


[27:48] Final Words  

  • Final words from me


Tweetable Quotes: 

“Know that different parts of the journey will be hard, some will be really easy, joyous, sad, tough, or trying and that’s normal.” - Kristi Soomer

“I think entrepreneurship is very glorified on Instagram and the internet. Not a lot of people talk about the behind the scenes real life of it.” - Kristi Soomer  

“I think a lot of us have the ability to power through and just keep going, take action and be those strong leaders for our businesses, family and our community. And we don't realize the heaviest and the toll that this past year has taken on us.” - Kristi Soomer   



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