The ONE Regret I Have in my Business
August 27, 2020

The ONE Regret I Have in my Business

I started my sustainable fashion business in 2012, while I was still working full-time as a management consultant. At the time, I was running the entire business out of my condo and working as a solopreneur. If I wanted to go on vacation, I’d have to get my mom to step in and ship any orders that came.

Now this strategy was okay for the first few months of business as I was ramping up, but when you start growing and gaining momentum, it’s probably time to consider hiring your first employee. This is where I made one of my biggest mistakes - not hiring early enough. 

On this week’s episode, I’m sharing how taking too long to make my first hire actually suppressed my business growth - and how you can avoid this mistake.

If you’re concerned about hiring expenses, onboarding remotely, or even establishing a job description, have a listen. I know how scary it can feel to transition from being a solo founder to making your first hire, so hopefully this episode answers any questions you may have and reduces your fears.


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  • When is the right time to make your first hire?
  • How can you hire remotely?
  • How to know which activities to hire an employee for