The Exact Steps to get More Press
July 03, 2019

The Exact Steps to get More Press

Dream of seeing your business in the news?

Press can be a great way to spread the word about your brand, and get earned media impressions. What are those?

Essentially FREE advertising for your brand, and valuable backlinks (from those publications) to your website.

I've done a variety of tactics over the years to get more PR from outsourcing, to insourcing to back again.

On this week's episode, I'm sharing my PR journey and the exact steps you can take in your business to get more press, and get more visible today.

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  • It's okay to try a variety of different PR strategies to figure out what works best for your stage of business. And this can change!
  • Getting your website 'media ready' is key - About Page, Media/Press Kit, Press Assets and Press contact page
  • There are both pros and cons to outsourcing or insourcing press.
  • When it comes to press, just say yes!
  • Become known for something - you ARE the expert in something.




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