The Essential Virtual Tools for your eCommerce business
March 11, 2021

The Essential Virtual Tools for your eCommerce business

Today’s episode is about systems and processes. As you start your ecommerce journey, you will probably do a lot of work. You will probably need people to do some of those work for you. However, you can save time and money as an ecommerce starter by using different productivity tools and project management apps that I will happily share with you. Many of these apps are free while some of them are not.

What I want you to realize is paying for these apps does not necessarily mean they are expenses. They’re actually investments that help you grow your business. If paying $10 monthly for an app will help you make $100,000 in profits, then that app is worth it, and there are many apps that are like that. These apps are not only beneficial for customer experience, but also in human resources and company culture.

Let’s listen in this episode and learn how to make your business efficient and enjoyable with these virtual tools!


[00:01 - 03:19] Opening Segment

  • I talk about the topic for this episode
  • 5X your email marketing revenue!
    • Link below

[03:20 - 08:22] Customer Experience

  • Why I love Shopify for MSMEs
  • Here are the Shopify apps you can use for your store!
    • Klaviyo as your email service provider

[08:23 - 14:32] Your Store’s Internal Functions

  • What tool to use for project management
  • How Google apps make my business easier
  • Try not to think about the cost of these apps

[14:33 - 15:20] Closing Segment

  • Connect with me! Links below
  • Final words


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“Time is money.” - Kristi Soomer


“I highly recommend mapping out some of your core processes in your business.” - Kristi Soomer




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