The Best (and Worst) Business Advice I've ever Received
May 11, 2019

The Best (and Worst) Business Advice I've ever Received

 Do you rely on the advice of others?

The internet is the host of allll the things. There's a lot of people out there, who mean well, who will give you really bad advice in your business (and life).

You need to know how to filter out the bad from the good, and learn to see where someone is coming from and how (or even if) it applies to your world.

This week's episode is a roundup of the best (and the WORST) business advice I've ever received. I think you'll find it interesting - it's a mix of current day advice (with a few childhood gems in there!)

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  • You can't take everyone's advice
  • Find someone who's been in your shoes, and unofficially have them mentor you (they don't even need to know!)