March 26, 2017

The 5 Most Effective Things I've Done to Grow My Pinterest Following

Do you love or loathe pinterest?

Does anyone hate pinterest? LOL.

Other than being a potential huge black hole that you can spend hours on procrastinating from life or work while finding outfits and inspiration for a future beach house you'll own, there's a lot to like about pinterest.

  • It's a source of potential FREE, targeted traffic
  • It's a recurring source of traffic, i.e. create a good pin - it does the work FOR you
  • If you sell a product to women, guess what? Pinterest is 68% female users.
  • Looking to tap into a higher income market? The average household income of a pinterest users is $100k
  • It's a great way to showcase the aesthetics of your brand, and reaffirm your values

I started my fashion brand Encircled with 0 followers. We're now up to 20,000 (check our page out here). 

Here are the 5 most effective things I've done in the past few years to grow my pinterest following:

    1. Invested in passive tools that automate pinterest
    2. Curating boards that truly appeal to our dream customer
    3. Regularly pinning popular content that is aligned with our brand
    4. Joined targeted group boards that resonate with our dream customer
    5. Creating pin-worthy graphics for blog post content and products

For more details on how I did it, have a listen to the audio blog!

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Chief Retailpreneur @ Retail Bliss
Founder + CEO @ Encircled