January 07, 2018

The 2018 Ultimate List of Free Shopify Apps to Grow Your Store

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The best things in life are free, right?

Here are a few of my favourite shopify apps right now, that are totally free. These apps will either enhance your customer experience or directly grow your online sales. 

Worth a look - have a listen to this week's podcast.

Here's the full list 
  • Helpscouthelp desk ticketing system for customer experience. Respond to customer inquiries faster, and keep track of your progress, and issue management to create a better experience, and more repeat buyers.
  • Kit - Free for shopify users, this intuitive app helps manage Facebook and Instagram ads, uplevel your email marketing, and social to drive revenue. Full disclosure - I use shoelace (paid) for my ads, but this is a great free alternative!
  • Tidio Chat - live chat for providing real time advice on fit, sizing and styles. Catch a customer at their moment of purchase, and close the deal. This will definitely increase your conversion rates.
  • Mailchimp for ShopifyThis app integrates mailchimp (email provider) into your website at checkout. It also pushes that all important purchase data from your customers over to Mailchimp so that you can build more impactful and relevant campaigns.
  • Privy - This is an email list growth machine! I've used the free plan on my ecommerce store for years. Privy creates beautiful email pop-ups that are mobile friendly and connect directly to your email provider, like Mailchimp. So, you can grow your list, and drive more sales in 2018!
  • Email Template Editor by Klayvio - This tool helps you create beautiful order confirmation and other notifications for your shopify store. If you've ever tried to edit the notifications on your own, you'll know it's not exactly user friendly - this free tool for your shopify store fixes that. Having more relevant, and professional looking notifications not only enhances your brand, but will have a positive impact on your business overall.
  • Judge.me Reviews app - A store without reviews, to me, is a store with no credibility. Get yourself a good review app. The shopify one is free (and decent) but I found Judge.me after wanting to get away from Yotpo, and the free version is quite powerful and intuitive. More reviews, a better conversion rate for your online store.
  •  LateShipment.com - Quite often shipments arrive to your cusotmer's door late, but you wouldn't know it because who has the time to track every shipment? lateshipment.com does! You sync with your shipping accounts and it auto-files claims for late packages. You get refunds, and money back to invest in your store without taking up more of your precious times.
  •  What's your favourite FREE shopify app? Leave it in the comments!

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