Six Negative Thoughts Impacting your Success
May 14, 2020

Six Negative Thoughts Impacting your Success

 For those of you who don’t know, mindset is a topic that I’m incredibly passionate about. In my journey as an entrepreneur, it’s something that I’ve continuously had to work on - having a negative mindset can be a huge deterrent to success for your business. Even when I’m coaching, I find that most of my clients already know what they need to do to achieve their goals but it’s their mindset that is holding them back.

For female founders, you’ve likely grown up being told about all the things you shouldn’t be. You’ve probably had someone tell you to not be too loud, too bossy, too smart, and so on. Even as adults, we’re stuck with this voice in our head telling us what we can and cannot do. But this has to change. 

On this week’s episode, I’m sharing the six negative thoughts that are holding you back from success. It’s time to stop feeling like you or your products are not good enough.

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  • How to change your mindset about money
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