SEO Basics for Driving ECommerce Traffic
February 08, 2022

SEO Basics for Driving ECommerce Traffic

“SEO is multifaceted. It's not just about the product that you're selling, but it's also about how you've written your meta description for your products, pages, and collections. And how you've structured them in a way that makes sense for the search engine to understand.” - Kristi Soomer

Want to grow your business by driving organic traffic to your website, and not have to rely on the unpredictability of paid ads? Welcome to Brave and Boss with Kristi Soomer in this episode we dive into Search Engine Optimization; organic search, backlinks, keywords, and tips you need to know right now to get more traffic to your website. 


[00:01] What is SEO and Why Do You Need it?

  • SEO is a cost-effective tool to drive traffic to your website
  • Facebook ads are currently a garbage fire
  • SEO is the process of increasing the quality and quantity of website traffic and exposure of your brand through organic search
  • SEO is a process, you will not see instant results
  • SEO keywords and trends are is perfect recipe for web traffic


[07:00] SEO Tools That You Need

  • White Hat Vs. Black Hat SEO
    • Black Hat SEO uses spam tactics and strategies that try to fool search engines
  • Shopify: SEO checklist
  • Google Search Console: Gives you ideas on search terms, shows where you rank and gives opportunities for where you can improve
  • SEO is multi-faceted: It’s about the product you’re selling, the meta description of your products, pages, and collections, and how you've structured them in a way that makes sense for the search engine to understand


[10:10] How To Get Started with Optimizing Your Search Engine with SEM Rush

  • Start by doing keyword research with SEM Rush
    • What keywords do you want to rank for?
    • What keywords are your competitors ranking for?
  • Get into your numbers: understanding your metrics is key
  • Utilize backlinks properly to improve your search ranking
  • Having a URL that isn’t keyword stuffed is key

[21:14] Closing Segment

  • Check the links below for the resources mentioned!

Key Quotes:

“I really encourage people to get into their numbers, because, you can create a lot of amazing products. But at the end of the day, if the products aren't profitable, priced properly, or they're not positioned properly …you don't have a business.” - Kristi Soomer

Resources Mentioned:


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