Season 5 Brave + Boss Podcast Premiere: Ecommerce has changed, have you?
November 03, 2021

Season 5 Brave + Boss Podcast Premiere: Ecommerce has changed, have you?

“That is the new way of looking at things like now. We have to look at data holistically and look at sales, and that becomes harder to optimize against, to be honest. That's really the challenge that we're facing right now.” - Kristi Soomer 

Welcome to Brave and Boss with Kristi Soomer. We are kicking off Season 5 with what’s going on with the podcast, my take on entrepreneurship right now heading into the busiest season of the year, and what to expect this season. 

Listen to the episode

[00:01] What’s Been Going On with Me and eCommerce   

  • The busy year that it’s been for my ethical fashion brand, Encircled
  • How Apple has changed the game for direct consumer and has made paid ads more difficult
    • Does it still make sense to hire an ad agency?
  • The necessary conversations to be had around around the principles of business and online marketing

[07:12] What To Expect for Season 5

  • A whole new slew of guests!
    • Expect an array of guests specializing in different fields, with incredible stories, lessons, tips and advice to share about how to move forward in business, innovate, and thrive in eCommerce 
  • Maximize what you have at this time of year
    • Observe what’s working and what isn’t and make corrections
    • We are going through a massive eCommerce correction
    • Start thinking now about what channels you can start testing and activating
    • How Covid has changed the landscape of eCommerce

[13:13] The Best Thing You Can Do for Your Brand Right Now 

  • Work on your brand
  • Do your value proposition work
  • Tune into your ‘What Why & How’
  • Brainstorm some ideas to do things differently
  • Carve out a unique niche for yourself

[14:32] Closing Up

Key Quotes:

“So lots going on, a lot to talk about on the podcast this season, and lots of good conversations to be had around the principles of business, online marketing, all that kind of good stuff that I think is really mission critical right now.” - Kristi Soomer

“It's very easy right now in this really challenging eCommerce environment to stick your head in the sand and just be like, ‘Oh, well, it's not that big of a deal. This will blow over.’ But you know, this is a massive eCommerce correction.” -  Kristi Soomer


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