Paid Advertising - Opportunity or Cost?
April 23, 2020

Paid Advertising - Opportunity or Cost?

Near the beginning of the pandemic, part of my response to protect my sustainable fashion brand was to cut down on paid advertising. Like many other entrepreneurs, I was (and still am) worried about the financial impact that Covid-19 would have on our profits and our bottom line. 

But, we found that while people are at home and spending more time online, we would be missing out on a huge opportunity to market our products to new and existing customers. After changing up the focus of our paid ads, we were surprised to find that our return on ad spend (ROAS) was actually higher than it had previously been. So how can you do this for your business and create ads that will have a high return and be relevant for your customers during this time?

On this week’s episode, I’m answering your questions about paid advertising and sharing what you should be doing for your brand during these uncertain times. 

Paid advertising may seem a bit daunting when you’re getting started, but I hope my actionable advice can help you set up or pivot your ads to be relevant to the current state of the world.


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  • What copy should you be using in your paid advertisements?
  • How to use data to see which ads are working
  • What is retargeting and when should you be doing it?
  • Which products should you be advertising?


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