May 19, 2018

New Features for Shopify coming in 2018

what's new for shopify in 2018 ecommerce

A few weeks ago, Shopify held it's UNITE developer conference. As a Shopify Partner, I get the first news when releases happen!

I wanted to share them with you and give you my perspective on these upcoming updates and how they can help you grow your online store.



Better discounting imbedded into Shopify such as BOGO (i.e. Buy one, get 50% Off), and quantity gated discounts (I.e. Spend over $100, get 20% off)

New Tap + Chip reader for in-person sales can accept mobile payments also!

Multi-channel Returns - return purchases bought online, in-store

Enhanced Customer-friendly view of the checkout transaction in person 

Tipping on point of sale on checkouts (great for coffee shops, etc.!)

Better Inventory Tracking through Locations for eCommerce stores that have multiple warehouses

Marketing Dashboard featuring campaign performance, and app recommendations

Shopify Ping - a chat tool that integrates customer support

Shopify Plus new features including flow, and transporter

Multi-currency checkout for Shopify Payments

Fraud Protect - protect yourself from Chargebacks

If you want to watch the presentations, you can visit this link

Which NEW feature are you most excited about? Post it in the comments below! 

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