November 03, 2017

Must Have Shopify Apps for Black Friday

Must Have Shopify Apps for Black Friday

Black Friday is less than a week away.

If you have a shopify store already, you'll know this courtesy of the countdown timer on the website. Eeks!

If you haven't made a marketing plan - there's still time. Listen to last week's podcast on creating a marketing plan for Black Friday and Cyber Monday in a weekend.

On this week's podcast, I'm sharing my 5 must-have apps for Cyber Monday and Black Friday for your shopify store.

Spoiler alert: Many of these apps are my go-to all year for providing an excellent customer experience at Encircled.

Have a listen!

As a summary - here are the apps I mention in the episode:

What's your go-to app for your shopify store? Leave it in the comments below. I'd love to hear what's working for you.

Wishing you much abundance + retail bliss,

Founder @ Retail Bliss
Founder + CEO @ Encircled
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