It’s Boss to Prioritize Self-Care
January 21, 2021

It’s Boss to Prioritize Self-Care

When you hear self-care, what do you picture in your mind? Maybe you think of meditation or maybe your idea of self-care is taking a warm bath before laying on your couch to binge-watch shows on Netflix. However you approach self-care, the important part is that you’re taking time to acknowledge your feelings and winding down. 

I’m excited to bring on Natalie Cooper from Mind Your Own to share her self-care journey. Diagnosed with Crohn’s & Multiple Sclerosis, Natalie took healing into her own hands. Now, she shares her experience to encourage others to live mindfully and tackle the root of any anxieties they may experience. 

On this week’s episode, I’m welcoming Natalie to discuss the power of mindfulness, intention and self-care.

As entrepreneurs, it’s essential to learn about growth tactics and marketing strategies, but above all these, you must focus on your own mindset and be in a position where you can handle the stressors and anxieties that come with running a business. 


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  • How can you go beyond the symptoms of a problem and tackle the root?
  • What is EFT and how can you use it to shift away from anxiety?
  • What form of self-care works best for you?