August 05, 2016

3 Ways to use Mailchimp to Generate More Sales

Some may say it's old school, but email is still one of my favourite channels for marketing my online store.

In this week's VLOG, I share why email marketing is important and how to use your email provider, like Mailchimp to generate more revenue for your store, with little effort.

Why Email Marketing is should be your new marketing BFF

  • It's personal. You know you're speaking directly to one person, not many.
  • It's direct. You're in THEIR inbox. Not potentially in their newsfeed, or lost among a thousand photos on Instagram.
  • It's linked to your store. Because you can add hyperlinks directly to your online store, you can easily directly go from read to click to sale. 
  • It's trackable. Everything can be measured through email marketing, from where readers click to how often, to read and open rates, and time of day. Easier to optimize than other channels.
  • It's easy to put on autopilot. You can setup workflows (what is a workflow you ask? Keep reading) that will maximize the impact of your emails while minimizing your manual time required to execute each email. Brilliant right? Perfect for all of us solo-preneurs!
Watch the vlog to find out more!



Basics for generating email revenue:
  1. Create secondary opt-in forms such as a lightbox pop-up, embedded form, or revise your opt-in that's built into your website to be more compelling.
  2. Build a regular content schedule for your newsletters. Get advanced by reviewing your analytics post-newsletter and optimizing subject lines, sending times as well as segmenting your list to deliver the most personalized and relevant content possible.
  3. Build auto-responder sequences. What is an auto-responder sequence? It's a chain of emails that is triggered (sent) when a customer completes a specific action. For example, if a customer abandons their cart, you can automatically send them a coupon code or reminder to complete their order. Alternatively, if someone signs up for your newsletter, you can have them sent a series of emails that will teach them about the brand, perhaps offer them value added content or a promotional offer.

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