How to use Intentional Time Mapping to get more done ft. Jessica Bledsoe
January 17, 2022

How to use Intentional Time Mapping to get more done ft. Jessica Bledsoe

“I love helping people understand that you can be successful and still find time for everything else in your life that matters. Because work should never be the only thing that matters.” - Jessica Bledsoe

How do some people find the time to live more and work less, while achieving their goals? Welcome to Brave and Boss with Kristi Soomer and in this week's episode, Jessica Bledsoe talks all about how you can be more intentional with your time and do more with less.

Jessica Bledsoe is a serial entrepreneur, dog mom, part-time vanlifer, and the co-founder of Pav*r, a time management app that integrates with your Google Calendar. Jessica is passionate about helping business owners and busy people reclaim their time so they can live more and work less. 

[00:01] Nobody Has The Same 24 Hour In A Day

  • The power of outsourcing your time and prioritizing
  • Getting to know Jessica
  • How she co-founded Pav*r with her husband


[08:03] What is The Intentional Time Mapping Method?

  • A method of clarifying your priorities and creating space for big picture goals
  • Mind Sweeping
    • Taking everything that lives in your brain and writing it down in one place
    • We need to make time to make time


[12:46]  How to Stick to Your Goals

  • Treat your calendar block like an important meeting that you would never cancel
  • Create time for reactionary tasks in order to remain in control of your time


[15:56] How Pav*r Helps You Work Less and Live More

  • Step One: Create your implementation intentions, and block off time for reactionary tasks
  • Pav*r connects with your Google Calendar and lets you add categories, labels, and additional fields to your calendar events
  • Allows you to run reports on where you spend your time
    • TIP: Figure out what you’re doing with your time weekly in order to not make the same mistakes while going into the new week
  • How to set boundaries in order to lead with your time and priorities
    • Learning how to say no


[22:58] What Jessica is Working On and The Hot Seat


Key Quotes:

“The cost-benefit of using your time on one thing versus another is something that a lot of people don't pay attention to. Time is a finite resource, you do not have unlimited loads of it.” - Kristi Soomer

“I think the best tip is really just to say no. We say yes to so many things; We say yes, because we either feel obligated to or we think it might be worth our time when in reality, it's not. It's not worth your time, and it's not in alignment with your vision of success.” - Jessica Bledsoe


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