How to Stop Worrying About Money in your Business
February 13, 2020

How to Stop Worrying About Money in your Business

Whenever I talk to entrepreneurs, one common worry that almost always comes up is about money. And it’s totally understandable! Becoming an entrepreneur can feel very risky, especially in the earlier stages if you’re leaving a stable job and putting your own money on the line.

Having this constant worry is not beneficial for you or your business. Being stressed about money can negatively impact your mindset. But good news, there are definitely different ways for you to help you stop worrying. This includes making small changes in the operations of your business and the way you handle your cash flow, and having open discussions about money. 

On this week’s episode, I’m sharing seven tips to help you stop worrying about money. Based on my experience, these can definitely help you change your mindset and put you at ease when it comes to spending and saving for your business. 

Money is often a topic people don’t like to talk about, but having these conversations and sharing our experiences can definitely help others who are going through the same things that we went through. I hope you find some value in this episode, and that your worries become a little bit smaller.


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  • The importance of cash flow forecasting - what is it and why do you need it?
  • How to get a line of credit as an entrepreneur
  • Pre-orders can be an amazing tool to help bridge your cash flow
  • Open discussions about money will help you get more comfortable with your situation


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