How to Build a Great eCommerce Brand ft. Matt Edmundson
April 07, 2021

How to Build a Great eCommerce Brand ft. Matt Edmundson

Are you sure that your product will sell? There’s no worse feeling than realizing that the product you thought is awesome doesn't sell at all. Avoid this feeling by learning a few valuable tips from Matt Edmundson, an eCommerce entrepreneur and coach and founder of several eCommerce businesses such as Jersey Beauty Co, Vegetology, and Lightbulb Agency.

Matt talks about the importance of storytelling in product promotion and how to craft a story that resonates with your target market. He then shares a 6-item checklist you can use to build a profitable eCommerce website, which includes leveraging different platforms like social media, email, and podcasts.

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[00:01 - 06:13] Opening Segment

  • Let’s get to know Matt Edmundson
    • eCommerce business owner since 2002
  • Hear Matt’s observations about the changes in the eCommerce industry

[06:14 - 14:59] Storytelling in Promoting a Product

  • Will your product sell?
    • Listen to our exchange
  • How storytelling can connect the product with the target market
    • Learn this Amazon hack from Matt

[15:00 - 26:51] Your eCommerce Checklist

  • Build a profitable eCommerce website with this checklist from Matt
    • Two purposes of an eCommerce site
  • Prioritize the customer experience post-purchase
  • Sell products with emails!
    • Learn from Matt

[26:52 - 39:41] The Most Underrated Lead Generation Tool

  • Opt-in options can go viral too
    • Hear from Matt
  • Leverage the power of social media for your marketing campaigns
    • Matt tells us how
  • What’s next for Matt?

[39:42 - 41:41] Closing Segment

  • Learn more about Matt with these hot seat questions!
  • Connect with Matt! Links below
  • Final words


Tweetable Quotes:

“Look for ways to add value.” - Matt Edmundson

“I think the most important part of any business is your team and so, invest in the team whenever you can.” - Matt Edmundson



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