How (Not) to Pitch Your Business
April 24, 2019

How (Not) to Pitch Your Business


Have you dreamed of pitching to the "Sharks" on Shark Tank or the "Dragon's" on Dragon's Den? Wonder what it's actually like? Are they really that mean? What happens with the deals?

In 2015, I pitched my business, Encircled for CBC's show, the Dragon's Den. It was nerve-wracking, scary and a great opportunity that turned out way differently than I ever expected.

Learn more about the process of pitching, getting selected, crafting a pitch and what it's really like behind the scenes on these shows. 

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  • How the process of pitching to a TV entrepreneurship show works
  • What happened with my pitch on TV
  • How to craft an interesting pitch
  • Why I think I didn't get the deal (in the end)
  • How to recover from disappointments in your business