April 11, 2018

How I create and execute a Marketing Plan

how to create a marketing plan for an ecommerce store

Do you want to be more organized with your marketing efforts?
Do you feel like you're just throwing 'spaghetti at the wall' with your marketing efforts?
Well, you may benefit from having a marketing plan.

On this week's episode of the eCommerce Maven podcast, I walk you through integrated marketing planning - a fancy way of saying, creating a marketing plan, and socializing it with anyone you work with, and executing it.

I take you through how I used to plan when I first started Encircled, to what I'm doing today with my team. Scroll down for some screenshots of our actual planning process!

Have a listen. I hope it helps you get organized with your marketing! 

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 Examples of an Integrated Plan:

My Old planning method - Google Sheets

The summary page to track month by month plans + goals.

The weekly content calendar:

My Current Marketing Plan method - Asana

The High Level month by Month view:


 The Weekly View:

The Detailed task view:

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