How and When to Expand your Team
August 08, 2019

How and When to Expand your Team

Did you know I started my fashion line thinking that I could do it all myself?

Yep. I thought I could do customer service, marketing, production, design, shipping etc. all by myself.


I never envisioned having 15 team members BUT it became so necessary in order to scale a physical product-based business.

In fact, the first few hires were key to enabling us to grow.

On this week's episode, I'm talking all about HR! Yes, that's Human Resources.

This is a topic you fully may not be thinking about now, but no matter what the size of business you have NOW, you will need to hire a team to grow, eventually.

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  • Why you need Employees to help grow your business
  • How to look at key functions in your business to determine who to hire first
  • Why you need to stop doing ALL the things yourself
  • How to let go of tasks
  • Why reinvesting profits into hiring employees makes sense!