Everything You Need to Know About Season 4
November 05, 2020

Everything You Need to Know About Season 4

Who else has had a very busy October? Q4 is typically known as a hectic time of year for most product-based businesses, as we approach Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend and the holiday shopping season. On top of that, add on the uncertainty of this past year and there’s guaranteed to be some stress for entrepreneurs. 

But here’s some great news: you’re not alone. I’m excited to be back with a brand new season of Brave + Boss, where I help incredible individuals like you navigate the ups and downs of entrepreneurship. And this season is going to be better than ever: I’ll be bringing on other product-based owners and business coaches to make sure we can help you have the right mindset and tools to grow your biz. 

On this season’s premiere, I’m sharing some insider info about what you can expect from this season of Brave and Boss, plus some tips to help you as you ramp up for the holidays. 

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  • What episodes can you expect to see this season?
  • How am I forecasting and goal-setting for 2021?
  • Why is content marketing so important?