March 19, 2017

Should I have a Etsy Shop AND a website?

Should I have an Etsy Shop and my Own Website

One of the most common questions I get asked from makers who are just starting out is:

"Should I have a Etsy Shop AND a website?"

(Feel free to swap "Etsy Shop" for any marketplace (i.e. eBay, Amazon, etc)).

My answer:


(Okay, yes x 1,000,000)

Let's dig into the Why You Should have a Marketplace Shop + your Own Website

On this week's audio blog, I share why even if you're a small brand you should have both an etsy shop and your own site, how having your own shop will payoff in both the short and long-term, and how to manage two or more shops.

In Summary: 

  • Yes, you should have both a marketplace and 'own' website online. Even if it's NOT a store. A marketplace is not owned, it's rented and can shut down at anytime.
  • If you're a maker in a crowded space, making your product stand out is hard. Building a true brand is about differentiating and finding that 'blue ocean'. That can be done online through cultivating a customer experience that matters to your dream customer. You can't do this in an Esty shop.
  • Find a tool or a system that makes it easier to manage inventory across multiple sites (there are some great options out there ranging from basic to advanced)
  • Don't be afraid of the upfront time or money investment from having a second site to manage - in time, it will payoff.  
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