Are You Your Dream Customer?
January 28, 2021

Are You Your Dream Customer?

This week is all about your dream customers. These are the customers who love everything you put out, support your brand’s mission, and essentially promote your product for you because they can’t stop raving about their purchase. When you find your dream customers, it feels like you’ve won the lottery.

However, sometimes you may find it hard to dissociate yourself from your dream customer, and this can lead to bias in your business decision-making. You have to know when to separate your way of thinking from your ideal customer. If you’re not a fan of email promotions and project this feeling onto your dream customer, you may be missing out on a huge source of revenue by not sending out emails. 

On this week’s episode, I’m asking an important question: are you your own dream customer?

I’ll walk you through how to use your business data to determine your dream customer and make decisions based on what you discover. Once you have this picture of your dream customer, then you can learn what matters most to them and make effective business decisions.


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  • What is a dream customer and why they matter
  • How to develop a profile of your dream customer
  • How to use focus groups and surveys to better understand your customers