October 03, 2015

5 Easy Ways to Boost your Website Traffic

 5 easy ways to boost your website traffic

If your sales or traffic has taken a dip lately, then this post is for you.

You need not spend thousands of dollars to drive traffic to your eCommerce store or Etsy shop, you just need to get CREATIVE.

Here are 5 easy ways to boost your website traffic. Today.

1. Dig into your Analytics. 

Yep, I bet you were thinking I would say put out a press release... but no. 

My favourite place to start for boosting website traffic is to have a look at what your current traffic sources are, if they're growing or not, and how they are converting (i.e driving sales).

Identify if you have 1-2 sources of traffic which are consistently driving revenue to your site.

What are they? 

If it's a blogger, make a plan to reach out to them to see how you can work together further. If it's a social media channel, up your game and impact/presence on that channel.

Look at what's working already + dial it up.


2. Reach out to Previous Customers

Reaching out to previous shoppers is an excellent way to boost your website traffic.

Shopify + Mailchimp make this process super easy. 

First, double check on your shopify store if you have the Mailchimp app installed. This creates the sales / email connection with mailchimp + shopify. Think of it as two day data sharing.

Mailchimp will know WHO from your list, what they bought, and when {click here for instructions on how to segment a list based on purchase data via Mailchimp}

Now, dream up an offer, or even just a lovely "I miss you note" that you can send out to those customers that haven't bought in say, 3 months. 

I always like pairing an offer with a nice note. These are customers who have bought before, and just think, the cost of getting a NEW customer is way higher than repeating an existing customer.

These relationships are gold, and treating them as such will be a big long term and short term traffic booster.


3. Seek out complementary brands / blogs to partner with or guest post on

Your business, product, or service has VALUE. 

You know stuff as a result of offering, creating, making or distributing this product.

Think about who could benefit from this knowledge that you have from being in your respective industry, or adjacent industries.

Partnering with complementary brands/blogs/websites is a solid way to boost your website traffic.


For example, if you sell custom running shoes, perhaps you can guest blog or write an article for a popular running blog on picking the best shoes for your foot type. Or, alternatively, reach out to a local startup who makes running headbands, and do a guest post trade.

Small startups are always looking for guest posting opportunities, and it's a nice way to support eachother's brands without having to investment tons of money in blogger partnerships.


4. Join a Facebook group related to your Product/Brand + Contribute!

Facebook groups are an excellent way to network and bring awareness to your brand, they also have a way of contributing to boosting your website traffic.

Similar to the above, you want to use your expertise in a specific area to add value. 

To continue with the example above, join a running group for women, and start providing advice to questions with which you can wield your expertise.

This is not an opportunity to spam the group with your ads, blog posts, or products, just more so to add value.

Naturally, as you add value, you can reference blog posts or press posts referencing your brand, but you don't want to come out of the gate like this.

People will want to know who you are, and what you do, and as you cultivate community, it will organically flow to your website, and ideally turn into revenue.


5. Create something that adds value to your customers' lives

Reading this, you may think... why my product/service ALREADY adds value to a customer's life?


However, using that vein of thinking ANY retailer could hypothetically say the same thing. Boosting your website traffic is not just about offering more products, or selling more things. It's about creating and cultivating intangible value for your customers beyond what you can ship in a box.

You want to leverage your product/service as a platform to create brand 'stickiness'.

I.e. you want to enhance brand affinity through adding value to your customer's lives beyond just an amazing product/service.

How do you do this? Well, create something that matters!

By now, you hopefully know your ideal customer inside + out {If not, read this post on finding  your target customer online}

Think about a blog post, video, printable, audio or all of the above, that can teach, or inspire your customers in an area of their life related to your business.

To continue with the example above with running shoes. Perhaps you know that your ideal customer loves running, but cannot find the motivation to do it every day. Why not create a series of motivational blog posts or photos for instagram with phrases to inspire your customers to run more? Or maybe a video on how running in the morning will make you more productive throughout the day?

The possibilities are endless. Often, we, as entrepreneurs do not allow our brains to roam to these creative places. Put yourself in your customers' shoes and think about their daily challenges, and how you can help. 


Driving traffic to your website does not need to be an expensive investment in advertising. However, you do need to show up consistently and do the work required to make it happen.

Have you tried any of these easy traffic boosting techniques? 

Do tell! Share your experience in the comments below!

Wishing you much abundance + retail bliss,

Principal Retail Consultant/Founder