March 04, 2017

5 Tips for Writing Emails that Convert to Sales

5 tips for writing better emails

I often talk on this blog about the importance of email marketing.

I LOVE email marketing.

When I first started my online store, I didn't feel this way. At all.

I actually didn't realize for the first 3-months of my online store that my email opt-in form was BROKEN on my website. Yes, you couldn't actually sign-up. The emails went nowhere.

(Face palm).

After switching from my arch nemesis, Magento to my fav eCommerce platform, Shopify, I started to refocus on email marketing.

Now, email marketing is my biggest and most profitable channel for sales for Encircled.

In this week's audio blog, I give you 5 tips for writing emails that convert browsers to buyers, and will ultimately help you build a steady stream of revenue from your newsletter. 


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In summary, the 5 tips for writing emails that convert to sales:

1. Using a compelling subject line for your emails

2. Have an objective and clear focus for the email

3. Make it personal - relevant, engaging and connect emotionally

4. Have a clear call to action for the email, and make it prominent

5. Alternate sales and update emails. Leverage that 'jab jab right hook' principal from Gary V.

That's it - over to you to take some action and start writing better emails. 

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