5 Tips for Dealing with Comparison as a Founder
February 11, 2021

5 Tips for Dealing with Comparison as a Founder

This week is all about comparison. Many times we find ourselves comparing what we have achieved so far with everyone else’s successes. That is something that is innate among us, which is only worsened by social media. Even in businesses, sometimes we can’t help but compare our brands with others, thinking about what's working for them and what’s not working for us.

In this episode, I will share 5 tips to deal with comparisons. These tips are valuable for founders who are trying to grow their businesses while fighting against their tendency to compare. You see, comparisons are not bad, as long as they are fair comparisons. Once we realize that it is unfair for us to compare our Day 1 to someone else’s Day 100, we can now focus on what we can control, and that’s our vision and goals for ourselves.


[00:01 - 02:24] Opening Segment

  • I talk about the topic for this episode
  • You have to constantly evolve as a founder

[02:25 - 08:14] Growth Mindset

  • Learn what is a growth mindset and why you should have it
    • Progress over perfection
  • Here’s my general insights about comparisons
  • I talk about comparisons in the business context

[08:15 - 15:12] Fair Comparisons

  • Realize where you truly are at versus others
    • Make sure your comparisons are fair for yourself
  • “Keep your eyes on your homepage”
    • This is to avoid distractions from other brands

[15:13 - 23:40] Vision and Goal Setting

  • Focus on what you can learn from others and be inspired
  • Celebrate your wins
    • Find out what’s working for you
    • Realize what you’re grateful for
    • Small wins are still wins
  • Embrace your vision and set goals
    • Think and grow bigger

[23:41 - 25:37] Closing Segment

  • I made quick rundown about the 5 tips again
  • Connect with me! Links below
  • Final words


Tweetable Quotes:

“You have to constantly be evolving your skillset [and] your mindset, challenging yourself. You can’t just stay the same as a founder.” - Kristi Soomer

“It’s progress over perfection when it comes to mindset.” - Kristi Soomer


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