5 Reasons It's Necessary to Run a Sale
April 14, 2019

5 Reasons It's Necessary to Run a Sale


A few years ago, I came across this article from the internet marketer, Derek Halpen. It was entitled, "DISCOUNTING IS FOR DUMMIES - HERE'S WHY (AND WHAT TO DO INSTEAD)". It went somewhat viral in a Facebook group that I was a part of and everyone was questioning if they, as an eCommerce business should ever run a sale.

As someone who has spent years in marketing and retail, I was curious - what retailer can NOT discount ever?

Well, it turns out Derek Halpern, while being a savvy service-based has never run a product-based business. And although, I'm not a fan of the sales strategy of a business like Old Navy (every week is a sale!), using sales and promotions strategically is a big asset in your business that can increase your business efficiency, cash flow and create more loyal customers.


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  • Sometimes it's necessary to run a sale
  • Sales can help you move stagnated inventory and free up cash flow
  • Sales can be used to reward loyal customers
  • A limited time promotion can make your seasonal business more agile
  • Use promotions and sales strategically and try not to train your customers to expect them.