July 27, 2017

3 Email Automation Sequences You Need for your Online Store

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Dream of making sales in your online store, on your day off? It's possible. Picture this - you're sharing a Mojito with your favourite business BFF, over a mid-day lunch, and your phone keeps going off with sales. 

Getting sales for your eCommerce sale, when you're not even working is completely possible in today's world of automation technology.

Before you totally tune out - it's NOT that complicated. There are so many easy ways to build automation into your workflow for marketing, sales, operations and more.

This post is focused on how you can use email automation sequences to generate revenue for your online store, while you're sleeping, working or doing something else like vacationing.

In this week's audio blog, I'm going to share with you, what exactly automation sequences are, what 3 automation sequences are necessary to every ecommerce store and how to get started in setting them up.

Have a listen:


As a recap, these are the 3 automation sequences I believe are most fundamental and needed by all eCommerce stores:

  1. Abandoned Cart
  2. Lapsed Buyer/Customer
  3. Welcome Series

There are many email providers out there, but my fav is Mailchimp. Check it out!  

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Wishing you much abundance + retail bliss,

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