February 08, 2018

3 Ways to Collaborate with Others to Grow your Ecommerce Store

3 ways to collaborate with influencers ecommerce

Confused by Facebook ads? Looking for an effective yet low cost way to grow your eCommerce store traffic?

Look no further than collaborations.

Collaborating with other brands, service providers and influencers when done right can produce a very high return on investment for your marketing spend.

In this week's podcast for the Ecommerce Maven, I share my three fav types of collaborators you can work with to grow your online store. And for each, I'll provide a couple of ways you can collaborate. All the inspiration you need to start building your first win-win partnership.

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In summary, the three types of people you can collaborate with to grow your eCommerce store are:

  1. Other complementary Brands that serve a similar audience (I.e. Organic Nail Polish Remover, if you sell Organic Nail Polish)
  2. Other complementary Services that serve a similar audience (i.e. Organic Nail Bar)
  3. Influencers/Celebrities who serve a similar audience (I.e. Nail art influencers, beauty bloggers)

Now, get collaborating!

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