December 05, 2014

My Fav Ecommerce Podcasts for Retailers

              Top 10 eCommerce Podcasts

              Since I made the leap into life as a full-time entrepreneur about 3 weeks ago, I've been obsessed with podcasts. 

              Video tutorials are good but I spend (as I'm sure you do) tons of time at my laptop, so diverting my eyes is not possible, as well podcasts are excellent for road trips or city traffic.

              I've been driving all over the city lately running around production components for my fashion line, Encircled, which means spending loads of time in gridlock.

              This is by no means an exhaustive list but I tried to capture my top 10 favourite eCommerce podcasts. So, in no particular order...


              1. ECommerce Fuel
              This podcast is MADE for online retailers. Each week, Andrew tackles various aspects of Ecommerce, often bringing on experts in respective areas. From coding to managing fulfilment, this is a must listen. Very tactical but completely applicable and practical for product-based businesses.


              2.Build my online store 

              The Build my Online Store podcast, which is hosted by Terry and Travis is one of my personal favourites. Terry and Travis both have ecommerce businesses, so each week is infused with their successes and challenges of running an online store. It's truly refreshing to hear other entrepreneurs struggles and triumphs in this space, and they are super open about what works and doesn't for them, and why. The podcast covers everything from sourcing, to customer experience, advertising and beyond. Moreover, Terry's sense of humour cracks me up -- he totally reminds me of an ex-colleague of mine who used to make me laugh everyday.


              3. Online Marketing Made Easy with Amy Porterfield

              I first came across Amy's podcast through a marketing program I took, called Marie Forleo's B-School. Amy is known as a Facebook expert but has a podcast that speaks more broadly to the marketing funnel.

              Although her specialty is infomarketing businesses (I.e. elearning), she does offer valuable tips and advice that can be leveraged by product-based businesses too. Amy is also transparent on how she manages her business and planning which is invaluable to any entrepreneur.


              4. Dave Conrey The Fresh Rag Show

              Hosted by Dave, who is passionate about helping creative entrepreneurs (yes, the artisans, artists, makers ....) make money, and build their businesses. Each week Dave interviews a different guest, typically someone who has succeeded in the space or works with creatives on an aspect of their business. Rich content, in depth interviews.. what more could an Ecommerce entrepreneur want? 


              5. The Starter's Club

              Erin, the host of the Starter's Club interviews successful entrepreneurs to find out how they got their start in business. While this isn't specifically for Ecommerce businesses, there are a ton of ecomm entrepreneurs she has interviewed. 

              For anyone just starting out in entrepreneurship (or maybe if you haven't even begun), this is an excellent podcast that is sure to inspire you to move forward.


              6. The Lede from Copyblogger

              The Lede produced by Copyblogger is a podcast all about content. Week to week they discuss conversion optimization, content marketing, copywriting and traffic driving tactics. All of these skills are essential to ecommerce sites. The blog is excellent as well. Bookmark this one!


              7. Serial

              Now, I know this isn't business related... but I wanted to put it on the list. Serial is a podcast put together by the producers of This American Life. It essentially unfolds one non-fiction story week by week. In the first season, they are reinvestigating a murder case from 1999. 

              I listen to it for a few reasons. Firstly, it provides a nice distraction from the all business podcasts. It's a story. So, it challenges your mind to think differently. Use the logical and creative sides of your brain. And lastly, it's addictive. Sarah Koenig (the main narrator) is a gifted storyteller and her voice alone sucks you into the podcast. It has an extremely loyal following. Don't believe me? Google it.


              8.Smart Passive Income with Pat Flynn

              This podcast is one of the newer ones on my list, that I recently came across through Amy Porterfield's podcast. Pat is primarily also focused on infomarketing however, there are quite a few actionable tips that apply to ecommerce entreprenerus as well. Topics such as how to automate your social media, how to write better blogs, how to stay focused are all super relevant to product-based retailers as well.


              9. Seth Godin's Start up school

              Although this podcast dates back to 2013, it features Seth Godin. End of Story. Just kidding. It follows the discussions at Seth Godin's startup school episode by episode... unfiltered and unedited.  His advice is raw, and real. If you're developing a product and want a wake-up call, listen to this one. He'll scare you into rethinking your business.


              10. Internet Business Mastery

              Last but not least is the IBM (internet business mastery) podcast. Hosted by Marketing Strategists, Jeremy and Jason, it provides actionable advice. I tend to like podcasts that provide useful tips (whereas sometimes I find interviewing people week after week... it's hard to find the takeaways I can use). IBM covers selling, traffic generation, conversion and more. Worth a download.


              So now, over to you! What's your favourite ecommerce podcast?

              I'd love to hear. Leave it in the comments below.

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