November 03, 2014

Shopify Introduces Responsive Checkout!

Shopify's latest upgrade -- Responsive Checkout!


Last week, Shopify, one of the leading hosted ecommerce solutions did a major upgrade and introduced responsive checkout.

If you're scratching your head wondering why that matters to your store, no worries- just keep reading!


What is Responsive Checkout?

Responsive checkout is an optimized, and simplified checkout experience that adapts to the device that the user/visitor to your website is using. 

For example, when the visitor is using a smartphone, the screen is optimized for the ideal input box size and to minimize scrolling. Same with tablet, and desktop.

It's a one-page checkout which has been proven through Shopify's research to minimize abandoned baskets (i.e. increase your conversion!).


Why is this important for your shop?

Shopify released research a few months ago stating that over 50% of the traffic coming into Shopify shops is from mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

It should reduce your abandoned carts.

This matters because this means that your potential customers are visiting your shop more than likely from one of these devices. If your website is not providing an optimal experience to the visitor based on device, you could be losing thousands and thousands in sales.

In particular, checkout is one of the key areas is the buying process that many potential customers drop off due to complicated forms, and the sometimes even a checkout that doesn't allow purchases from mobile devices.

Many Shopify themes in their theme store come with responsive design but the new responsive checkout is optimized based on hundreds of transactions, usability research, and A/B testing. 

It includes options for custom branding.

Previous to this change, you would have to edit your checkout.css to be able to customize the checkout experience which when using a designer could cost hundreds of dollars.

Now, you can easily upload a custom logo, tagline and banner as well as change the colours.

It's secure

It's level one PCI compliant which provides peace of mind for both you and your customers.

Want to try it out?

Pick-up your smartphone and visit my fashion website,! Add something to the cart, and checkout :-)


How can you take advantage of the upgrade on Shopify?

Click this link + login to your store to upgrade. It should automatically show on the screen the option to upgrade + it's super easy to do.

One thing to note is that the settings will reset to default, so double check the checkout settings such as whether or not you want accounts optional (suggest you do this, as making it mandatory may inhibit your conversion), as well as other settings such as name fields and phone number.


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