October 13, 2014

The 5 Must-Have Shopify Apps

Want to run your Shopify store more efficiently?

I'm betting you're not 100% full-time in your Shopify Store.

It's not uncommon for Shopify shop owners have at least a part-time gig, and many a full-time job. Some like it that way, whereas a large majority dream of making Shopify their full-time income stream.

When I started Encircled, I was employed full-time, therefore it became supremely important that I build the most efficiency possible into all of my processes.

Here are my top 5 apps for Shopify that will make your shop run smoother, and let you spend more time on building your brand versus running your business.


Jilt is an order-recovery app. One of Shopify's built in features is that if someone signs into an account, and fills their shopping cart, and leaves without completing an order, it's tracked in Shopify.

Jilt will automatically send out a customized email at a specified interval post cart abandonment.

In totality, Jilt has covered over $7k in potential lost sales for my business.



Shipping packages doesn't have to be the bane of your existence! ShipRobot is an integrated shipping app that will allow you to create, print and auto-fulfill packages on Shopify. 

This app alone has saved me hours and hours of time. It's seamless, and the app's founder is super helpful, providing very timely and responsive support. 


Mailchimp for Shopify

Capturing emails is essential for creating a customer engagement campaign. Shopify has the ability at checkout to allow customers to opt in to future updates (i.e. your newsletter). The problem is, Shopify stores these opt-ins in your Shopify store.

For ease and simplicity, it's ideal to have these flow automatically into your mail provider, which for me, is Mailchimp.

This app will auto populate your prescribed list with opt-ins from your Shopify site.



Time and again, statistics prove that having product reviews on your website improves conversion 300-600%. The question often becomes, how do you capture those reviews? 

Yotpo not only hosts reviews on your website, but has a feature that lets you automatically send out reminders to your customer post-sale asking them to complete a review. 



Stitch is an inventory management software which is uber-helpful if you have wholesale or consignment sales that aren't tracked or purchased through shopify. Additionally, it is great for integrating multiple inventories from different platforms, like Amazon etc.


What's your favourite shopify app? Post it in the comments below!

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