September 02, 2014

Instagram for Retailpreneurs: Part IV

Setting yourself up for success: The Must-have Instagram 'Apps'

Instagram, as I've discussed on this 6-part series is in the moment. It's about being real, and sharing the behind the scenes of your entrepreneurial journey.

While it is possible (and recommended) to plan a broad content strategy, given the resources of entrepreneurs like us, it's difficult to storyboard out our accounts (unless this is your #1 channel). 

Being in the moment means being ready at any moment to snap, and upload a new photo into your Instagram app on iPhone or Android.

This is a short list of some of MY must-have apps.


Pic-Tap Go

This one app changed my Instagram feed immensely, and has helped grow my following. A super intuitive photo app where you literally tap to add filters (and can save these custom 'recipes' for later) as well as post photos as cropped, floating and full in Instagram. Recommended to me by my photographer for Encircled, Anna with Love who has a MAJOR following on IG!



A full featured photo editing app. I use this app primarily because I like the cropping features, and the frames that you can apply to photos. I'll often crop a photo in here, then open it in Pic-Tap-Go.



This app will help you create those photo quote pics that are so popular on Instagram. I used to use this more than I do now (I do a lot of editing now in photoshop as my brand fonts are not available on Overgram) but it's still a turnkey way to post a quote on the go.




If you like re-gramming other's content, here's a nice way to do it and give them credit on the photo. 



Create a 15-second video from photos! This one is super fun.



I often create multi-way photos that show various looks of my designs. This easy to use multiwindow frame app is a go to for me.  



There isn't any app that can schedule and post photos for you on Instagram like on Facebook but this is as close as it gets. This app will let you schedule photos and then a reminder will pop up on your phone to post, and poof, posted.




This is the go to online app (you can open it in your browser) to review your top performing photos, see where your followers are coming from, track the best times to post and top performing hashtags. Must have. And Free!

Unfollowers helps you identify followers on Instagram (and Twitter etc) that aren't following you back, or who have recently unfollowed you. This is much needed as many people will follow and then unfollow as soon as they notice you following them back. There's one guy on Instagram who has tried this 5 times with me. He's now blocked. 



Ever wanted to backup your Instagram feed? Do it here, for free. I recently did this and embarked on a process of deleting old photos that were random and didn't fit my brand image. 



Just released last week, Hyperlapse by Instagram seems to be a cool video editing tool. I haven't tried it yet but try it here if you want and let me know!


Any must-have apps that I missed that you love? Post them in the comments below!


Over the last 2 weeks, we will cover...

  • Building and Growing your Instagram following 
  • How to Effectively "Sell" (without selling) through Instagram

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    Wishing you blissful retail!

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