April 29, 2014

Product Based Email Newsletters (& my first ever email!)

The newsletters I send through Encircled are one of my highest converting channels.

And to think, one year ago, I didn't even have an email list.

My original website was built on a platform that I wasn't comfortable with (and was way too robust for my size of business) by a developer who didn't understand my vision, and couldn't connect all the dots.

It wasn't until a few months in that I realized my email opt-in wasn't working. My gosh. What! How did I miss this important detail?

All of my newsletter subscribers were gone. In fact, they were never there.

So I took back control

I changed platforms. I built MY OWN website on Shopify, and moved on from that sunk cost.

(Ohm. Breathe. Let it go.)

Shopify has a built in opt-in but I also hired a developer to do a pop-up light box.

This alone, increased my newsletter opt-ins massively.

But then the question became, what do I send to newsletter subscribers?

Here is my FIRST ever email to my list (which at the time I think was 40 or so people, mainly F&F that had opted in)

This got about 65% opens, 30% click throughs. If you'll notice. I'm NOT selling. Really. 

I'm telling people what I'm doing

I am maybe telling a little too much OF what I'm doing (the email is ALL over the place...and lacks focus) BUT I'm sharing my story, my journey, and what's new.

Is this interesting to your audience? Maybe... but for me, showcasing my startup journey, and getting readers further entwined with it, is integral. It connects people emotionally to my brand, and makes them part of the journey. 

I still essentially follow this model in my emails. Here's a link to a more recent email (one of my highest converting EVER), which has a bit more selling in it :)

Sometimes, I'll throw in a coupon code, or it will be about a new product launch but mostly I'm talking about my blog content, something related to eco-fashion, starting a business or new ways to wear our designs.

About 20-30% of my Encircled revenue comes from email subscribers which I think is pretty darn amazing for a completely free channel. I'm on the precipice of hitting a 4 figure subscriber list which is a big deal for me!

Most eCommerce website emails are just endless streams of product, with no added content.

I've found doing the opposite to be very effective.

What do you put in your newsletters? Product or content-focused? Post in the comments below!


Wishing you blissful retail!

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