May 17, 2016

What is a Content Marketing Strategy? {VLOG}

On last week's VLOG, I shared a quick definition of what content marketing is. If you're not sure, or want a refresher on the topic -- hop on over there first.

This week, I explain what a Content Marketing Strategy is for you in just under  2 minutes.

Spoiler alert -- it's the 'how'.

It's how you will manage, create/curate, distribute and analyze your content marketing.

It may seem like something you don't need, but seriously -- you do.

To truly create a seamless experience for a customer visiting your eCommerce store, or your social properties -- you need to have a content strategy.

For example, when you create a new blog post on your store's blog, do you just leave it there? Or do you create a web banner for your main store to promote the post? Share it on Twitter? Pin it? Do you need additional graphics?

See what I mean?

At my fashion line Encircled, we have a fairly defined process by which we curate/create and distribute content. 

I do have a small team that works for me, so that's definitely an incentive to codify it into a process, however when I first started Encircled, I implemented the process with myself anyway. Why?

Well, having a well-defined content strategy helps you stay organized. I started Encircled as a side-hustle (I had a very demanding, travel intensive job), so my late evenings and weekends were all I had. So, I had to be super organized, and really intentional with my content marketing efforts.

So find out more about why it matters to have a content marketing strategy in this week's video.


Watched it? Fabulous. Now go out there and get strategizing.

Come back here over the next few weeks, as I'll be sharing MORE ways you can create a content strategy that sells product.

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Wishing you much abundance + retail bliss,