October 07, 2016

5 Easy Ways To Grow Your Email List for your eCommerce Store

how to grow your email list

As I've talked about in previous vlogs like "3 Ways to use Mailchimp to grow your sales" and "Product-based email newsletters" growing your email list should be a key objective for your eCommerce business.


Your list is yours. You own it.

You're not reliant on YouTube, or Instagram, or Snapchat or Facebook to get your content to your dream customers. You can reach them directly one on one.

This is so important.

Watch this week's VLOG to hear 5 ways you can grow your email list. 



Hope you found the video helpful!

In summary, here are the ways ways you can start growing your email list today.

  1. Crete a compelling reason FOR people to join your email list
  2. Push people off your other social media channels to your email list
  3. Do such an amazing job with your content that people will tell others to join your list
  4. Dial up the awareness of your list on your eCommerce store wherever possible
  5. Drive more traffic TO your website 
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