January 12, 2014

Retail's Big Show - A Virtual Guide

retail's big show nrf 2014
THE largest conference for retailers is on this weekend starting today, January 12th, 2014 in NYC, NRF's "Big Show".

I've been before and it's an amazing (and almost overwhelming) combination of some of the newest/latest/greatest products and technologies for retail, as well as some of the brightest retail minds in the world.

The speakers are unreal. And the networking is second to none.

However, as an independent retailer. It can be financially infeasible to attend. The show is expensive, let alone the accommodation and travel to NY. Retailers do WALK the expo floor for free, but the true value is the speakers and educational sessions.

Retail's "Big Show" A Virtual Guide

Tune into the livestream/session replays
Last year, NRF kindly offered for FREE, replays of their keynote sessions. It looks like this year they plan to do the same. 
Keep checking this page, to see when content is available or sign-up for their email updates to be notified. 
**UPDATE January 15th, 2014**
Two keynotes are now online, and FREE to watch. It looks like this year to get the others, you will have to purchase a package for $495.
{1} CEO of Life is Good , Bert Jacobs speaking about building authentic and optimistic brands. "Optimism, Compassion and Joy: how selling the right mindset can grow your brand."I watched this and his talk is AMAZING. He comes on around 17 minutes into the streaming broadcast.
{2} Ginni Rommetty, President/CEO IBM, talking about big data. A "New Era of Value: A Conversation with Ginni Rommetty"I haven't watched this one yet but being able to aggregate and analyze your customer data is key. 

Follow the attendees on Twitter/Instagram etc.
A quick search of #nrf14 on twitter yields thousands of attendees. Photographs, commentary, videos. 
Focus on brands/retail service providers as they often have free links to content and generous updates of information from the show on their blogs.
**UPDATE January 15th, 2014**
NRF tweeted a link today to the powerpoint presentations from most of their session's this year. Downloadable! Click here.
Here is last year's materials.

YouTube it Up
Many attendees and speakers will post copies of their presentations post show on Youtube. A quick search of NRF 2014 or NRF14 will yield serious content, if you are patient. You may have to wait a week or so for some people to upload.

Any other tips on how to virtually attend NRF's Big Show? Share them in the comments!

Happy Learning!

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