The Six-Figure Black Friday Bootcamp [RECORDED ONLINE WORKSHOP]

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Are you ready for the BIGGEST money making quarter of the year?

Many conscious brands choose to opt out of Black Friday-Cyber Monday (BFCM) - which is a BIG mistake.

I understand the desire to not come off 'salesy', the aversion to pushing unnecessary consumption, and the feeling like you can't possibly match the discounts of larger brands - however, BFCM is a great opportunity to generate revenue for your purpose-driven brand.

And guess what? More revenue = more impact. You can hire more. You can make your supply chain more sustainable. You can grow, and take the share of wallet away from brands who don't want to do good in the world.

Last year, my eCommerce fashion brand did over $100,000 in revenue during Black Friday. 

In this multi-part workshop, I'm sharing how the exact tools, techniques and strategies we implement in order to maximize our impact and drive big revenue numbers in a profitable way.

I'll walk you through all of the steps of how to plan a sustainable Black Friday sale that aligns with your values.

    What you'll learn:

    • Why Black Friday Cyber Monday is worth participating in this year
    • How to review your pricing to make sure you're s for profitable sales
    • How to analyze your sales and inventory data to determine what to promote (and what not to promote)
    • How to pre-promote your sale for maximum impact
    • What you need to consider when launching a BFCM sale
    • How to promote your sale so that you get maximum traffic during BFCM
    • How to make sure the sale aligns with your brand's values
    • How to track metrics and set KPIs (key performance indicators) to see if the sale was a success
    • How to build your funnel of leads leading into Black Friday
    • How to plan your Facebook ad strategy for Black Friday Cyber Monday this year

    What you'll get: 

    • 90-minute online recorded workshop on offer development, mindset, pricing and promotional strategy
    • 180-minute online recorded workshop on offer review, how to develop a marketing plan for black friday, and how to execute your sale (customer service, operations and more!)
    • Digital copy of the Black Friday-Cyber Monday Bootcamp workbook (PDF, Word or Pages version)
    • Black Friday-Cyber Monday integrated planning spreadsheet to map out your revenue goals, KPIs, email plan, and review your promotion.
    • Black Friday-Cyber Monday Promotional Pricing spreadsheet so you can figure out what types of promotions are most profitable!
    • Black Friday-Cyber Monday Marketing planning spreadsheet so you can have a 1-page view of all the offers, plans, assets and emails required to execute your sale.
    • Access to Teachable for course resources
    • Access to a 10-minute Loom offer review by email by Kristi within 7 days of completing the workshop
    • Access to all recordings

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