The Goal Making Calculator + eCourse

Want an eCommerce store with thriving sales?

It's possible.

The first step to taking your online store to the next level is setting clear goals.

Next, you've got to build the plan to get you to the goals.

Sounds hard?

Not so.

I've made it easier with the Goal Making Calculator. This excel template does it all for you. It will calculate based on your sales goal for the month approximately how much traffic you need to drive to your online store to achieve your goal.

With the included Traffic Planning Tool, you can work to map out EXACTLY how you will drive this traffic.

This is the exact template I use for my eCommerce fashion business, Encircled, and have used with dozens of eCommerce coaching clients to help take their businesses from 4 to 5 figure months. 

The key to achieving your sales goals (that sometimes, we don't even think are possible) is naming that goal, and then putting a clear, focused action plan behind it.

Taking that one step further, it's imperative to learn to review your sales (and other analytics) on a regular basis. No heads in the sand, please!

Here's what's included in the digital download:
  • The Goal Making Calculator template (Excel format, compatible with Google Sheets/Apple Numbers)
  • The Traffic Planning tool (Excel format, compatible with Google Sheets/Apple numbers)
  • A step-by-step walk through video eCourse (1 hour in length) that covers how to set goals, why goals are important and how to use both tools to grow your online sales. 
  • A PDF version of the eCourse slides available for download as a reference

Everything is delivered to your inbox immediately.

No waiting. Start building your dream eCommerce store immediately.

Coaching Add-on

Need additional support and coaching on how to set motivating yet realistic goals for your online store?

Upgrade for $200 to include a 1-hour coaching call with the digital downloads.

The deal is you must complete the eCourse first and send your first draft of your Goal Making Calculator to me, 48 hours prior to our coaching call. I normally charge $400/hour for coaching, so this is a great opportunity to work together on your goals, and get realtime feedback and insight.

Select the Calculator plus Coaching option at checkout. If you choose this option, I'll be in touch within 24-48 hours to book out our coaching call. Coaching calls occur preferably over Google Hangouts or Skype so we can screenshare when we walk through the documents.

Questions? Email us at


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