Private coaching with Kristi Soomer


Hey, eCommerce boss. You're in the right place.

NOTE: Coaching closed until 2021. Please email to be added to the waitlist.

I work with two stages of entrepreneurs:

Pre-launch Businesses

You've got an idea.. perhaps a prototype and are ready to work on perfecting your brand, and want to pre-build your list and community before you launch. You're a side hustler, who works a full-time gig while creating your dream business on evenings and weekends. You need help figuring out your why, and the how of launching your brand.




Early Stage/Pre-7 Figures in Revenue

You've got a purpose-driven, eCommerce business with at least a handful of products, a live store, preferably on Shopify and the beginnings of an online brand. You're ready to scale your online store to new revenue levels. You're full-time in your brand but struggling to pay yourself. You're working a lot and doing ALL the things but lack consistent revenue. You want to hire people and grow your business to six-figures per year and beyond.



What's holding you back from $25k months?

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