5 Ways to Create an Effective Marketing Plan {VLOG}

March 07, 2016

This week, I embark on a new medium for Retail Bliss, vlogging (video+blogging)!

As I mentioned in my newsletter last month, my plan is to transition to video as (for me), it's easier + faster to record + edit a video vs. write blogpost.

Also, as entrepreneurs, I know that we have a limited time to actually READ blogs. I spend most of my time consuming via podcasts + video.

Just having the opportunity to watch or listen to the vlogs while doing other tasks such as cooking, laundry or even brushing your teeth can truly maximize your learning potential!

{As always though, most experts will recommend you focus on one task at a time for maximum productivity}

Hope you like my first video! We have a little construction going on in the office + the video was totally unscripted but not bad considering it's my first go :-)

5 Tips for Creating a More Effective Retail Marketing Plan


Which of the 5 tips will you implement to make your marketing plan more effective?

I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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Wishing you much abundance + retail bliss,


Accepting clients for mid-May 2016.

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